History of Scarves and Their Authenticity

Does scarves and looking at it makes you inquisitive? Do you ever wonder how scarves became the versatile, fashionable accessory it is today? Do you ever think how scarves were invented? Well if yes, then you are a correct place. The ancient Egyptian and Romanian was where the scarves were originated from. Let’s read in brief about the history of this wonderful fashionable accessory in the following blog.

Origin of Scarves from where it all started:

The contemporary scarf has its root all the way in Golden age of Egypt, where the very first scarf transcribed was utilized by the Queen Nefertiti in 1350 BC, she who had first worn it around her neck. Her scarf was a tightly woven piece of art that was in shaped like a conical headdress. In China, under the rule of Emperor Cheng, scarves were used to evaluate the ranking of the military, these scarves were made of cloth. Croatia later followed the similar tradition of scarves denoting the military ranks, though higher ranks were given silk scarves and lower ranks cotton scarves.

Though initially used for non-fashionable purpose, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that a scarf was used as a fashion accessory. For a long time and in great proportion in the history, a scarf was either used as a piece of cloth for hygiene purpose or as a sweat cloth. This was all transformed when experts in the fashion industry saw it’s potential of capitalizing scarf as an accessory. Various designs and materials were used capitalize it and from numerous regions in huge variety.

In 1837 an idea struck to the French fashion emperor Hermes, he designed the first ready to wear graphic scarf, made of silk. The exact year, the industry of fashion witnessed Queen Victoria elegantly embracing the beautiful neckwear with graphic prints and silk material. Scarves were now the talk of the town, the marital and designs, prints and fabric textures denoted the fashion sense also the class. That year scarves were reborn in the modern age as a fashion accessory.

Evolution of Scarves in quality aspect:

As the demand for scarves grew makers felt bolder and experimented with a variety of fabrics. Silk, muslin, chiffon, cotton, wool mixes and many more fabrics were used. The primary scarves were from the woolen fibers from China with a much polished version as silk was the prized fabric.

Most items through 19th century consisted of the same or related patterns. In the 20th century, as the industrial revolution took over, a wide range of new patterns and designs came into the picture. Once again, French fashion emperor Hermes lead the way towards rhetorical designs printed and also many variety of beautiful handmade silk scarves.

In the current situation, top-tier and high-class fashion designers around the globe bring forth customized scarves with various prints as they collaborate with creative and artistic designers. Graphics can be pulled from new-made artwork through the new technology and printed on high quality premium fabrics to create unique and show-stopping patterns and designs. Scarves are more than just a fashion item or accessory, they are a mindfully created work of art.

Future of Scarves in Australia and more:

With new and advance technologies emerging, scarves in Australia will continue to evolve and grow in fabrics, design, color, pattern and creation. If reading has thought us anything it’s that scarves will always continue to evolve and still be in trend always!